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  • Year 13 & 14

    Writing effective personal statements by understanding your competencies and selling points

    Personal Statements can make or break a student’s opportunity to gain a place on their course of choice.  In this workshop students will be given the tools to prepare memorable Personal Statements to give them every opportunity to gain University places.

    • The reason for the Personal Statement
    • How to research the key competencies required for their course / career.
    • Training in the use of STAR approach to determine and prepare “stories” based on the students key skills, attributes and experiences relevant to their chosen course and career.
    • A checklist of key questions that students need to ask themselves as they write their personal statement to ensure they provide the Universities with all the information they want to see.
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Statements
    • Tips for turning an average Personal Statement into a memorable Personal Statement.

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