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  • HR Support Packages

    Giving you the basic HR documents to cover you and your staff

    For start up businesses or businesses with basic HR requirements we can provide:

    1. Key Employment template documents:

    • New start forms including medical checklists
    • Reference Checklist
    • Terms and conditions of employment
    • Letter of offer
    • Disciplinary Procedure
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Holiday leave sheet

    2. HR Support and mentoring

    • 2 hours HR support and advice as you need it

    Fee: £350

    For existing or growing businesses we can carry out an
    HR Health check

    1. An HR audit and risk assessment of your current HR policies, practises and procedures to identify any gaps or problem areas and ensure you comply with current legislation.

    2. Development and provision of customised policies and template forms including

    • Contract of employment,
    • Recruitment documentation,
    • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
    • General employment forms.

    3. HR Support and mentoring

    4 hours HR support and advice as you need it

    Fee: From £550

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