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  • How to enhance your Personal Statement

    The importance of the Personal Statement cannot be overstated.  This can make or break your chance of getting offers from your desired universities.  We can give you the tools and advise to write a memorable, relevant Personal Statement so University Admission Officers pick YOU!!

    Our 1-2-1 session gives you:

    • The tools to get started
    • Analysis of your key skills, attributes and experiences relevant to your chosen course and career
    • Confidence to “blow your own trumpet” in your statement.
    • A checklist of key questions that you need to ask yourself as you write your statement to ensure you have provided all the information Universities want to see.
    • Tools to turn an average statement into a memorable statement
    • A review of your Statement prior to submission to UCAS

    Fee £135

    Call us on 028 7034 4445 or email: info@purplepatchni.com
    to discuss your requirements